PPG Submission Guidelines

Submission guidelines. Every publisher has them. These are the guidelines you need to search for on our websites and read thoroughly. If you follow these guidelines to a tee before contacting us, you’ll increase your chances of receiving a positive reply quickly.

PPG Submission Guidelines

PPG is a hybrid publisher with very different submission guidelines than you would expect from a traditional (trade) publisher. Before you contact us, please familiarize yourself with the differences between these publishing options by clicking here.

PPG Submission Guidelines

Now that you have a better understanding of how our hybrid publishing model works, please follow these four simple steps:

  1. Click here to review a list of questions designed to help you think about all aspects of your book project upfront. The more answers you can provide in advance, the more holistic and accurate our quote will be for you. Reading through this list will also help you to become clearer on your own vision for success.
  2. Please submit your answers (and any additional questions you may have) to us via our online contact form. From there, we’ll provide you with a personalized book publishing quote.
  3. Once you’ve approved the publishing quote via email, we will send you an invoice for payment and request that you digitally sign both the PPG Work-Made-for-Hire Publishing Agreement and the PPG Confidentiality Agreement.
  4. Upon receipt of your digitally-signed contracts, we’ll send you a personalized project timeline and begin the publication process of your book.

We’ll keep you in the loop and be available to you by phone and email to answer specific questions all along the way. Each time a portion of the project has been completed, you will receive an updated timeline by email so you always know exactly where we are in the completion of your book publishing project.

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