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Download any of these FREE BOOKS from your choice of Amazon*, Kobo, or E-Sentral. Inside, you’ll learn important tips on how to navigate this mysterious book publishing business littered with acronyms and peculiar old-fashioned practices.

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Profitable Publishing Today

FREE BOOKS Profitable Publishing Today

FREE BOOKS Profitable Publishing Today

Gone are the days when the world’s large corporate book publishers set the pace and direction of the entire publishing market. Today, independent authors are now in the driver’s seat. The tools are already at your fingertips, and online publishing is the easiest and most affordable way to begin.

This book contains a repeatable, entirely achievable six-week publishing process—a blueprint you can easily follow no matter what type of book series you wish to publish on the United States of America’s Amazon, Canada’s Kobo, and even Malaysia’s E-Sentral ecommerce sites. It also contains case studies of several highly successful independent authors who are already doing these things and earning massive incomes from it.

Read this blueprint in full before you publish. Educate yourself about how this process works before you do anything else. Then make a commitment to yourself to follow through with it. Because it works!

NOW AVAILABLE through Amazon’s KindleKobo, and E-Sentral for FREE! Download it today! (You can also download a .PDF version of this book straight from the PPG website.)

Your Ebook is an Asset … if You Own the Copyright

FREE BOOKS Your Ebook is an Asset

Ebooks, in particular, can be highly profitable digital assets for both fiction and non-fiction authors, online marketers, and business professionals in general.

Think about it from a strictly business perspective for a moment; you’ll quickly see that an ebook is a portable business card that can be delivered instantaneously, anywhere in the world, for free or for sale, via email, blog, website, or ecommerce site.

An ebook can be read in the comfort of one’s home or office, during a commute by train or airplane, or even when standing and waiting in line. Ebooks are easily searchable documents that can be hyperlinked to other relevant information sources (e.g., company webpages, blogs), providing even more value to the reader.

NOW AVAILABLE through Amazon’s KindleKobo, and E-Sentral for FREE! Download it today!

Why Traditional Bookstores Won’t Carry Your Book on Their Shelves

FREE BOOKS Why Traditional Bookstores Won’t Carry Your Book

Many authors dream of seeing your books on the shelves of the traditional “bricks and mortar” bookstores, and you may wonder why these bookstores won’t carry self-published titles. The real reason may surprise you. It may also make you decide that it’s perfectly okay to stick with ebook and print-on-demand (POD) book publishing. Times are changing, after all.

There is a form of online book sales and marketing that many of today’s most successful indie authors are using to sell literally thousands of books every year—quantities that are unheard-of and unimaginable for most trade-published authors whose books are displayed on “bricks and mortar” bookstore shelves.

Authors, can you imagine how much more profit you would earn if you learned these tried and true strategies for success? There is a way for authors, publishers, and booksellers to all work together for our mutual benefit, and I believe it is the wave of the future in this industry.

NOW AVAILABLE through Amazon’s KindleKobo, and E-Sentral for FREE! Download it today!

How to Price an Ebook

FREE BOOKS How to Price an Ebook

I’ve written several articles and blog posts about how to price an ebook in the past. But I’ve never been this strategic with regard to tailouring one’s prices for both Western and Eastern world markets.

Up until 2016, I had a pretty narrow view of how to price ebooks outside of North America and Europe. What changed for me in 2016? Quite simply, I became a little more “worldly” when I travelled to Asia for a working holiday.

What I learned during my six-month trip will no doubt help many authors with the pricing aspect of a book business. This trip opened up my eyes. What might be considered a discount rate in one region of the world is actually considered a value-based rate in another. So, it’s important to be strategic in the way you’re pricing your ebooks. Your ability to understand each individual market and adjust your prices accordingly will make all the difference to your sales success around the world.

NOW AVAILABLE through Amazon’s KindleKobo, and E-Sentral for FREE! Download it today!

An Independent Author’s Checklist

FREE BOOKS An Independent Author’s Checklist

As an independent author (a.k.a. “indie author”), you are the project manager of your own book’s production. From start to finish, from conception straight through to publication. This may include hiring a freelance ghostwriter (if you choose not to write your book yourself), an experienced editor, and even a professional graphic designer for best results. It all depends on the type of book you wish to produce.

For example, there are different components involved with designing a paperback book than an ebook of any kind. And there are even more components to consider if you wish to publish and print a hardcover book.

An Independent Author’s Checklist includes an important list of questions you will want to answer for a graphic designer, ahead of time, to ensure the book is completed properly and professionally the first time around. This type of preparation can save time and money for both project stakeholders because it can prevent complete do-overs in cases where the designer was unclear about your original vision.

NOW AVAILABLE through Amazon’s KindleKobo, and E-Sentral for FREE! Download it today!

Diary of an Indie Blogger VOL 1

FREE BOOKS Diary of an Indie Blogger VOL 1

This free book is an example of how you can repurpose your own archived blog entries. Turn them into an ebook like this one.

Introduce the content in a fresh new way, to a fresh new crowd, via their ereaders. Help even more people with your blog than you did before.

This blog-turned-ebook is a mish-mash of advice and tips, author musings, industry-related opinion articles, recipes, syndicated content, and inspirational posts. It is cut and pasted into here chronologically so you can see the journey and learning curves of this blogger—how my posts and content began to change, over the years, even though my core beliefs have remained the same.

Download Diary of an Indie Blogger VOL 1 on AmazonKobo, or E-Sentral free of charge.

Diary of an Indie Blogger VOL 2

FREE BOOKS Diary of an Indie Blogger VOL 2

I’ve decided to continue sharing large parts of the PPG Publisher’s Blog with you in book form at the end of each year. Annual Diary of an Indie Blogger books will be a new PPG tradition. And I think you’re going to like this new one especially.

With some help, I’ve added even more content to my blog. There is more in these past two years than in the first seven years combined!

The first book contained the first seven years of blog content. Diary of an Indie Blogger (Volume 2) excludes any guest posts from the actual PPG Publisher’s Blog. But it still shows my growth as a blogger, and all I’ve learn about SEO, over the past two years. I know you’ll find this helpful for your own blogging/writing career.

Download Diary of an Indie Blogger VOL 2 on AmazonKobo, or E-Sentral free of charge.

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