How to Publish a Book in Canada … and Sell Enough Copies to Make a Profit!

How to Publish a Book in Canada

How to Publish a Book in Canada Book Reviews

​“Staflund’s stated goal is to give Canadian authors insight into what it takes to produce a salable book in Canada, get it into the hands of the desired demographic, and earn a healthy profit in the process. In this, she has succeeded admirably.” ~ForeWord Reviews, Clarion Review

“A good source for writers of all experience levels seeking to publish quality books in Canada.” ~Kirkus Reviews

“This book is a real, and I mean real, learning tool … You will know how to do what the title states when you finish Kim Staflund’s book.” ~Palmetto Review

How to Publish a Book in Canada is a very instructive book for any author—in and out of Canada. Though the book is specifically for Canadian authors, writers from any country will gain insight from this book.” ~Pacific Book Review

“Staflund’s personal stories, humor, and examples throughout makes this book entertaining as well as instructional . . . How to Publish a Book in Canada is a great investment for future publishers—both in Canada and outside of Canada.” ~Penn Book Review

“This is the first book I’ve read where the author has put in a tremendous amount of research into the book … All writers must have a copy at the side of their writing desks.” ~Inkspand

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