Online Courses for Authors [Learn from Home]


Bookmark this page and visit it often to view the latest recommended online courses for authors. Many more affordable courses are coming soon to PPG. Here is where you can:

  • enhance your writing skills;
  • uncover effective book sales and marketing techniques;
  • master audiobook production;
  • perfect your ebook creation and conversion abilities;
  • learn how to best utilize Microsoft Office;
  • and even study professional graphic design with an Adobe-certified instructor.

Enhance Your Writing Skills

Reverse Engineer Riveting Fiction & Write Best Selling Books


Write Blockbuster Books Readers Love with Dead Easy Dialogue


How to Write a Nonfiction Book That Actually Sells


Write a Bestselling Novel in 15 Steps (Writing Mastery)


Inspirational Screenwriting. The #1 Screenwriting Course!


Develop Blockbuster Story Ideas that Sell! (Writing Mastery)

Book Sales and Marketing

Real Fast Podcast into Best Selling Kindle Books Easily


Book Marketing: Become An Amazon Kindle Bestselling Author


Rise in Searches, Bestselling Keywords for Amazon Authors


Be Your Own Book Publicist: The Step by Step Guide


Kindle Book Marketing: Sell eBooks With WordPress Plugins


Email Marketing for Authors: Savvy Authors Sell More Books.


Blogging for Authors and Newbies on WordPress or Blogger

Audiobook Production

The Complete Audiobook Production and Narration Course


How to Master Audible Work From Home


Turn Your Book into an Audio Book


Audio Production for Screencasts, Voice Over & Audiobooks


How to Self Publish an Audio Book


Writers Roadmap to Amazon and Audible Books


Talking Robots: Artificial Intelligence Audiobook Creation


Voice-Over Training: Record And Edit Voice Overs Like A Pro

Ebook Creation and Design

Design & Upload Your Ebook


Scrivener Full Course on How to Write a Book in Scrivener 2


Scrivener 3 Full Course on How to Use Scrivener 3 for Mac


How to Create eBook Cover Graphics Using Free Software


Ebook Publishing

Microsoft Office Tutorials

The Ultimate Microsoft Office 2016 Training Bundle


Microsoft Word 2016: Beginner and Intermediate Training


Microsoft Office Shortcuts and Speed Tips


Microsoft Office 365


Microsoft Teams Essentials

Professional Graphic Design

Adobe CC Masterclass: Photoshop, Illustrator, XD & InDesign


Adobe Photoshop CC Essentials Training Course


Adobe Illustrator CC - Essentials Training Course


Adobe InDesign CC - Essentials Training Course


User Experience Design Essentials - Adobe XD UI UX Design

Essential Google Courses for Authors and Bloggers: Analytics, Adwords, Adsense

Google Analytics For Beginners (Step by Step)

Ultimate Google Ads / AdWords Course 2018 - Profit With PPC!

Earn Passive Income by Working from Home with Google Adsense

Online Courses for Authors [Learn from Home]

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