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Get Book Reviews. Sell More Books.

Why would you want to get book reviews for each of your books? In today’s publishing world, it’s less about impressing readers and more about search engine optimization (SEO).


Get Book Reviews. Sell More Books.

In a search engine’s eyes, if your books have more legitimate reviews than other authors’ books within the same genre, your social media sites have more followers, and each of your webpages (e.g., each individual post on your blog, each individual book on Amazon or Kobo, et cetera) have more click-throughs, then you must have more expertise and authority than other authors have. As a result, you’ll rank higher than they do. It’s all based on algorithms.

But expertise and authority are not enough. In fact, trust is an increasingly strong ranking factor for search engines like Google. Positive book reviews can help to build that sense of trust around your author brand.

Positive, legitimate book reviews such as these can also be used to increase the number of relevant backlinks to a particular webpage. This is worthy of a higher ranking in Google’s eyes, too.

What is a backlink? In a nutshell, backlinks are incoming links to a webpage. Relevant backlinks can increase the SEO of a webpage while also bringing it more quality traffic. What constitutes quality traffic? It is relevant visitors to your website—people who are looking for exactly the type of books and information that you offer. That’s what you really want.

Master Google to Master SEO

Why would you want to master Google, in particular? This search engine powers over 76% of all Internet searches according to this June 2019 NetMarketShare report. The same report shows China’s Baidu as second in line at almost 10%; so, that tells you the power of Google in helping you to sell more books.

All you need now is some guidance regarding how to optimize your search engine ranking on Google, for all your major keywords, so your desired readers can easily find you. You can find that here.

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