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Welcome to the PPG Publisher’s Blog

Welcome to the PPG Publisher’s Blog … new and improved! Times are changing, and we’re changing with them so we can better serve our authors and blog subscribers. We’ve updated our website and blogging platform so we can include everything altogether in one convenient location. The old blog address, https://blog.polishedpublishinggroup.com/, will be dissolved by the end of this year. Previous posts from early 2019, and all new ones going forward, will be published here: https://polishedpublishinggroup.com/blog/.

Welcome to the PPG Publisher's Blog

Welcome to the PPG Publisher’s Blog

You can still find all the old posts, from the past nine years, in these two free ebooks: Diary of an Indie Blogger: My Roadmap to Success VOL 1 (PPG Publisher’s Blog) and Diary of an Indie Blogger: My Roadmap to Success VOL 2 (PPG Publisher’s Blog).

They are both available from your choice of Amazon*Kobo, or E-Sentral.

* For whatever reason, sometimes Amazon changes these books from $0 to a higher price. If you find that these books are not free of charge on Amazon, then please download them from Kobo or E-Sentral. They will always be free on those two platforms and can be downloaded directly to your desktop if you don’t have their e-readers.

In fact, there are many more valuable books available on these three ecommerce sites. Make sure you check them out.

Welcome to the PPG Publisher’s Blog

In addition to our regular publishing services, PPG now offers a wide variety of online courses on writing, publishing, marketing, audio production, et cetera, for aspiring and established authors. Watch for our new podcast interviews with successful authors in addition to more new online courses and books. We’re excited about PPG’s new direction in our 10th year in business. We hope you are, too.

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